“GLITTER & GLAMOUR” is an Event company and is in the business of Advertising & Fashion Events providing training, coordination and expertise for career development in the field of Fashion Industry and other such allied activities.

At “GLITTER & GLAMOUR” we give you a platform where one can try his/her talent to make a career in Bollywood fashion Industry only by registering with us.

What We Do

“GLITTER & GLAMOUR” continuously work hard day in and day out. By skillfully finding the right show for fashionable models, they have an intrinsic ability for pairing the best people with the program. For broadcast, corporate, long format, web, live shows, or whatever the need,our relentless pursuit for the best in you,and so on and so on…is simply uncanny.

This,along with your charming personalities makes them simply irresistible to work with!