“GLITTER & GLAMOUR” takes this opportunity to invite you to our event “MODELS FASHION FIESTA 2018” to be held on 27th April 2018.

We are hard at work securing sponsors for these special show and we would like to take this opportunity to invite your esteem organisation to participate as a Sponsor for Fashion show.

Business sponsorship is a major source of funding for many events as more and more companies have discovered this to be a powerful marketing tool. Building and strengthening your company brand through effective visibility is one of the key essentials in business strategy.The trust of every business is the amount of awareness it has in the market.The below laid plan will provide maximum visibility for your company in the promotion of the event workforce of Glitter & Glamour Entertainment.

To be effective, sponsorship of any event must serve the interest of four constituent groups :
  • It must serve the business interest of the sponsoring company.
  • It must serve the best interests of the event and its participants.
  • It must have a positive impact upon the sponsor’s direct consumers.
  • It must benefit the consumers who use the products or services.

Pr & Media Campaign

Our organization has 45 active volunteers which are recruited and trained for promotional activities.

This team will promote event in more then 85 colleges of India.

The event branding carrying your company logo will be mailed to the target audience mentioned in the latter part of the document.

1,00,000 leaflets will be circulated through different Newspapers & distribution network.

E-mails will be sent to more then 5 Lakhs Students & Working Proffessionals in Fashion Industry.

Event details in the form of Website & Social Media links will be mailed to members of most elite professionals in India.

2 press conferences will be held 1 Pre and 1 Post Event.

Online Media: The event Ads will be displayed on our online Media partner website.Advertisements will also be carried out on some targeted third party website also.

Outdoor Media : Hoarding,Bus Panels/Shelters,Canopy,Banners,Standees through our outdoor partner.

Print Media : The event will have advertisements,stories or writeups every week coming up through our media partner.

Radio Partner : Event will receive promotion On Air by our radio partner.

News Partner : News correspondents will cover our Press Conference / event.

TV Partner : Telecast partner as National TV network partner.

Search Engine Marketing : Gaining maximum amount of hits and visibility through tie ups and advertisements with the search engines.

Internet : The event website will be updated constantly with news about the event & will be displaying the press release that the event would be having.

Press Relations : Tie up with PR firm for very effective PR campaign.

Social Media Networking : Promotion of the event through popular social networks like facebook,linkedIn,tumblr,whatsapp,Twitter and much more…….

On Air Promotions : Logo of event on News & Music channels, special coverage of pre & post event activities & of our Celebrity guests.

By participating as a sponsor, your organisation stands to benefit from media campaigns, extensive press coverage and a massive internet marketing program, directed towards the audience of Fashion Show. Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted in our announcements during promotions as well as your organisation’s Name/Logo would be placed on our official website.Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted in announcements to our participating members during the inauguration at the event itself.You and any other representatives of your esteem organisation would be most welcome to attend so that we could thank you personally for your support.